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Agricultural machinery must be designed or club penance internal work Also needs the good outside

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2017/06/05 15:13
In June this year, the provincial party committee general office, the provincial government office jointly issued "about to speed up the building of new special agricultural management system reform plan, for a new round of reform of rural, agriculture in our province to reform" road map ". One especially emphasized in the construction of agricultural socialized service system.
As an important member of the agricultural socialization service, our province in recent years, farm machinery specialized club number, operation area is increasing, has gradually become a "mainstay" large-scale production of grain. But the reporter discovers through days visiting, our province's agricultural machinery specially the social service ability ascension is still under the influence of internal and external factors.
Agricultural cooperatives, food production load
In August, into the rice heading stage, the annual grain production peaking "plant protection war". 13, in guanghan hills floral village, local huimin work of agricultural machinery professional cooperatives machinist Xiong Hengkuan, drove a horizontal two meters wide of the pesticide plant protection machine in the field.
"Now, with a large plant protection machine, it's much more efficient to work!" Xiong Hengkuan told reporters that in previous years in July and August for plant protection services, is someone backs of medicine barrels to the field manual spraying, cooperative financing this year 198000 yuan to buy this big plant protection machine, its efficiency is greatly increased in the past.
"Operating machine one day, two people will be able to give about 250 acres of land spraying." Xiong Hengkuan says, if it is the traditional way of manual spraying, two people a day at best service of about 30 mu of land. New way is improved the working efficiency and saves the manpower, also let the people in the whole process of the agricultural machinery designed or club mechanization service into practice, and now the cooperatives through "full-time nursery" + "half" of combining the service mode, has the modernization of the whole area of up to more than 12000 mu.
"Currently advancing along with the development of our province grain moderate scale management, constantly improve agricultural mechanization level, farm machinery cooperative role is becoming more and more big." Province, deputy director of the department of agriculture agricultural mechanization place Zhou Sha said, as one of new type of agricultural management main body, the service scope of agricultural machinery cooperatives in our province has been developed from the past single machine-cultivated receive to thoroughly develop, and implement the cooperative innovation, ordering, hosted service mode, etc. Province agriculture department data show that during the period of "difference" this year, more than 920, the province to participate in the service of agricultural machinery cooperatives service 1.15 million peasant households, the operation service area more than 380, ten thousand mu, up 31% from a year earlier, 31% and 15% respectively.
From 2007, the provincial agricultural cooperatives only 50, to now nearly thousand. Our province agricultural machinery professional cooperatives development has entered a phase transformation and upgrading, more and more farm machinery designed clubs began to become the promotion of agricultural machinery service and the moderate scale of grain "double main body", but in the process of seeking their own development and improve service levels, they face some stems from the restriction of themselves and the outside world, become the "bottleneck" problem in its development.
The development of the combination of internal cause and external cause, facing multiple bottlenecks
According to the planning in our province, in 2020, our province to form diversification, service specialization, marketization of operation of agricultural machinery socialized service pattern. But at present, some problems to be reckoned with.